What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that begins with the abnormal proliferation of body cells. The human body is made up of millions of cells grouped together to form different tissues and organs. The genes within each cell give it the necessary instructions. Sometimes these commands are in an obscure cell and the cell behaves abnormally and after a while a group of abnormal cells can circulate in the blood or immune system or become a malignant tumor or tumor or cancer. In fact, the cells of the body die during a regulated process and new cells are replaced. Sometimes this natural process is out of order and the aging cells do not die and kill a tumor that can become a tumor. Malignant or cancerous.

How to diagnose cancer with a blood test?

You may be wondering how a blood test can find the location of a cancer tumor. According to this study, little blood or cellular parts without the nucleus disc are capable of becoming present in the body because they spread through the blood and are exposed to cancer cells and their behavior changes. . Then, this blood platelet determines what kind of cancer there is and which organ has spread, all of which can be understood by a simple blood test.

Is cancer about to be eradicated?

Considering the significant research and progress made in the treatment of cancer, we decided to provide a complete report on the progress of researchers in the fight against cancer in the past year, together with the prophylactic and contributing factors to the treatment of this disease. Cancer is a name that refers to a set of diseases that results from uninhibited cell proliferation. Cancer cells break away from normal cell division and growth mechanisms. The exact cause of this phenomenon is unclear, but it is possible that genetic factors or events that disrupt the activity of cells may form in the cell nucleus. These include radioactive, chemical and toxic substances or excessive radiation such as sunlight.

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